Val Storey has emerged onto the music scene as one of the industry’s premier vocalists. Her pure and untouched styling brings the listener to a very personal place, evoking a palate of emotions. Delivering flawless and captivating performances from the coffee shop to the concert hall, as well as in the recording studio, Val has garnered the admiration of fellow musicians and fans alike.

A native of Roanoke, Virginia, Val soaked up the country, bluegrass, and gospel music influences of the area from an early age. A later move to Nashville by her family expanded her musical world even more to include jazz and blues. It wasn’t long before Val began to express herself musically in her own voice, and her gift for singing was undeniable. Performance opportunities came for Val beginning in her teenage years, one of her first being with the legendary Jordanaires. Later, Val would become the lead vocalist for the locally successful jazz group Pulse. She also was one of the youngest performers to be featured regularly in various country music shows at Opryland.

Living in Music City, USA, it was only a matter of time before Val’s experience as a vocalist grew to encompass studio recording. As a session singer, Val has done work for several major labels and publishing companies, including ColumbiaMercuryRCA, Rounder, Sony, Sugar Hill, and Universal, among others. Where Flowers Bloom, her first full-length solo CD, came as a result of following her heart rather than accepting the label offers that came her way early in her career. In this timeless collection of traditional gospel music, Val’s sincere interpretation of each song takes the listener to places not often visited in today’s fast-paced and uncertain world.

It was also during that time that Val was reunited with Grammy award-winning producer and songwriter Carl Jackson. Val first met Carl when he came to record at a studio owned and operated by her father just outside of Nashville. “I would sneak down after bedtime and listen just outside the studio door,” Val remembers. “I knew even then that Carl was an amazing musician.” Little did she know that, not too many years later, Carl would be producing an album with her as a featured artist.

Fast-forward to 2010: Val was asked by Carl to lend her voice to his critically-acclaimed production of Mark Twain: Words and Music. Her haunting vocal on “Love is On Our Side” hearkens to the grief experienced by Twain at the death of his oldest daughter. Val’s inclusion on this project placed her in a cast among the top names in music and entertainment. “Working with Carl is always an honor,” Val says. “I was so humbled when he asked me to sing on the Twain project.” Her appearance on such an esteemed and widely-received recording has enlarged her fan base far beyond the United States as well. “Mark Twain has admirers worldwide,” remarks Val. “I’m really glad to have a part in telling his story in such a fresh and unique way.”

As Val’s own story continues to unfold, she looks forward to what promises to be a long and rewarding journey. “Singing is part of me. It’s what I love to do the most,” says Val. “I don’t think I could stop if I tried. I just want others to enjoy the music.”